Saturday, July 25, 2009

The blogger in me

I have finally decided to give this blog thing a try. Before Brynlee was born, several friends mentioned to me that I should start a blog. They see blogging as a way to scrapbook and share special moments with family and friends. To be honest I thought I could never be a blogger for two simple reasons...I am not a good writer and the backspace key is my favorite button on a keyboard. In fact, I have started this post over 4 times. AHHH!! I tend to think that sounds stupid or should I share that with everyone. I am a horrible speller...thank GOD this has spell check. Thinking about all these things makes me want to shut my laptop lid and never look at this blog again. Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I hope to enjoy writing it. Whew!! First post out of the way and in good timing...Brynlee just woke up from her nap.