Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worlds Largest Snack Cup

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Bath Toy

Brynlee got a new bath toy from poppa and nanny for Valentine's day. Brynlee loves to fill up a cup under the faucet then poor it out during her bath. This toy let's her do that without the water running. It was such a hit that she wanted to take a bath this morning and wouldn't take no for an answer. Daddy gave in.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

-11...a week later 83

A week ago it was -11, yesterday it was 83 when I left the zoo. Only in Oklahoma. God is really blessing me these days. Since I quit teaching, I have really missed my friendships I made while teaching. I know this is just a new season of life as a stay at home mom. I still miss my old friends but I am so thankful for the new friends I have met at church and at MOPS.

Cheyenne and I went to the zoo yesterday and had a blast. Thanks for inviting me Cheyenne. I hope we can hang out again soon.

Playing with acorns

Riding the train.

Avery, Bailey, and Cheyenne

Brynlee with her favorite animal.

We didn't get home until 1:30 and I was exhausted. Of all days, Brynlee refused to nap. At least she is happy nap or no nap. She played while I laid on the couch.

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Blizzard of February 2011

Front porch

Front window

We had snow on the ground for almost 2 weeks.

After being very sick with RSV and a double ear infection she finally got to go outside and enjoy the snow. This was was gone the next day. :(

She liked eating the snow off her glove

Where did my feet go?

She thought falling back in the snow was funny.

Snow angel

Thanks Carrie for letting us borrow Josie's snow boots. I am so thankful for friends like you!

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Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day we had planned on having a nice quiet dinner at home. We ordered pizza from Lou Malnatie's in Chicago. It is delivered over night, frozen, and packed in dry ice. Our order should have been delivered on Friday but because of the road conditions, UPS was running behind. We tried 3 times to schedule a pick up at the warehouse but was told that pick-up was only available after the 1st delivery attempt. Our pizza ruined in the warehouse over the weekend. Boo! On to plan B...

We decided to go out and eat at Los Cabos. It was yummy as always. I never did enjoy the singers at Mexican restaurants. They are always so loud. Now I have a different view, they entertain 1 year olds.

YouTube Video

Daddy and the DVD player. Sometimes you have to be THAT couple.

She ate so good that night. She loves avocado and ate almost a whole one along with her fair share of tortillas and cheese dip. She was really good the entire time.

Playing with the rose they gave us.

Homemade light cheesecake with strawberry purée. It was pretty good for a light cheesecake. I got the recipe from my cooking light magazine or here

The purée was easy. Purée the strawberries in a food processor. Heat on the stove with 1/4 cup sugar and 1tsp of cornstarch. Let it bubble and thicken. I added some chunks of strawberries to mine.

Oh and this is what Duane brought home for me during lunch. Flowers and a coke zero...I think I'll keep him! Ha!

We did get another shipment of pizza at the expense of UPS. Guess we will be having Chicago pizza this weekend. Yum!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The other night I decided to make some rice crispy treats with Brynlee. She helped me measure and pour and I did the rest. I did give her the extra rice crispies to play in. She liked scooping and pouring then into a container. It was quite the mess but nothing a dust buster couldn't tackle.

I gave her a few marshmallows before melted them.

Btw, I am loving blogging from my iPhone. So easy! You should try it.

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Halter Top

Brynlee sweetheart, it is -5 outside, you may not wear a halter top today. But mommy is proud that you are learning how to take your clothes off.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fun Before the Storm

Since we have a winter storm on the way I asked my friend Erin and her little boy Oliver over for a (must get out of the house before the storm hits) play date. When I asked her over in a text she responded YES!!!! I think that's cabin fever talking.

A little background on how I know Erin. We worked together during college but fell out if touch. 12 years later we found each other on fb through a mutual friend. Thanks Julie! Duane and Erin knew each other from the BSU at OU but Duane never knew Erin started dating one of his college roommates Elliot around the time we got married and moved to Tulsa. Well, Elliot and Erin got married 7years ago and live almost around the corner from us. We were both in shock when we figured it all out! I have had a great time re-connecting with her and I am so happy to have gained a new friend. Oh, her youngest Oliver and Brynlee are 2 weeks apart. Brynlee gained a friend too!

Here are some pictures from our play date. Thanks for coming to play Oliver...we can't wait to come come to your house on Monday!

The ball pit was huge hit!


Oliver was so cute. He didn't know what to think about a little girl being close to his mommy! Precious!

I am trying out a new app called BlogPress. It allows me to blog from my iPhone. So far it's great! Thanks to my cousin Jennifer for telling me about it.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Worth it?

I am not sure that worth it is the right word to use but I truly enjoyed my weekend.  Last week Duane was in Miami and I was home with a sick baby.  She had/has RSV that turned into a double ear infection.  One ear was really bad.  It's crazy how quickly ears can get bad from Sunday to Thursday.  She screamed from 12:30 to 4:00 early Thursday morning.  I was miserable and so was she.  Duane's parents came over to help on Thursday and take her to the doctor.  I have never been more thankful for grandparents as I was on Thursday.  Duane felt terrible he had to be gone.  It wouldn't of been so bad if we didn't have all the snow.  Being snowed in and not being able to get out was terrible.   It all turned out fine and Brynlee is on the mend...well we are now dealing with diarrhea from the antibiotics, which is causing diaper rash.  This is the first oral antibiotic she has ever been on and her first bad ear infection.  Poor girl can't catch a break. 

Duane told me that I can do whatever I wanted to this weekend and he would take care of Brynlee.  How could I refuse?  Here is what I did or didn't do:

  • served breakfast in bed on Saturday
  • slept in Sunday
  • watched a movie in our bedroom while daddy and Brynlee played (haven't done this while a baby was awake in almost 2 years)
  • cleaned up my hard drive (it was full so I had to remove a bunch of pictures)
  • filled orders
  • got caught up on blogging
  • relaxed
  • removed pics and video from my iphone 
I am not sure if the rough week I had last week was worth having two days to do whatever I wanted, but it sure was nice.  Brynlee refused her nap today but Duane watched her while I blogged and relaxed in the bedroom.  He mentioned it stinks when she doesn't nap and you have stuff to ya!  When I was done around 4 I found the kitchen and living room spotless.  :)  I was treated to dinner at my favorite restaurant.

What a wonderful weekend!  Oh, and one GOOD thing did come from him going to Miami.  Duane loved the area/hotel he stayed at so much that there is talk of us returning for a 4 day weekend sometime soon.  Sounds fun to me!  

I am sooo happy to have my family all under one roof again.  Tomorrow it's back to reality.  


January-20 months

Brynlee this has been a fun month.  You are like a little sponge.  I can't believe how much you are learning.  Just today I asked you to close mommy and daddy's bedroom door and you did it.  I am amazed at what you can do and understand even though you aren't talking much.  I might regret this someday but I really wish you were talking.  Sometimes you throw fits because you don't get what you want only because we don't know what you want.  You are happy most days and play well on your own.  Here is what you did this month. 

bouncing with daddy
 playing weebles...weebles wooble wooble, but they don't fall down

 getting a push from daddy

 the last piece of Christmas fudge
 tip toes so you can...
 play in the water with your tooth brush

pickle anyone?

unsupervised in the bathroom
 Where are we going mommy?

 Caught red handed...or should I say green mouthed.  She found the M&M's. 
 This was funny to watch.  She put the bucket on her right shoulder like a purse then couldn't get in to her car. 

Poppa and his girls
 eating snow

She gets on top of the ottoman about 100 times a day. 

and does this 100 times too

 Brynlee and I went to Muskogee again to see our friends Sara and Sam.  She was in town to see her in-laws and grandparents.  We had a nice visit. 
 Fun at the park before the blizzard
favorite pic of the month 

 The plane boss the plane.  Do you remember that TV show? 
This is how we ended our month.  Very sick with a stomach bug, RSV, and Daddy leaving for Miami.  Boo!!!