Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Times!

Last weekend I went shopping for Brynlee some new clothes and had so much fun. I had to find her an outfit to wear for Fall pictures in a few weeks. I saw this hat at Baby Gap that I couldn't resist. Doesn't she look cute?

I almost didn't post this picture but I thought what the heck...naked babies taking a bath are cute right? This was her first bath in the bathtub. We had been giving her a bath in the kitchen but she now kicks her feet so much that water goes everywhere! She loves to watch all the toys move around. I can't express in words how helpful Duane is in the evenings. He always gives her a bath. We somehow settled into this routine and it works for us. Brynlee is so lucky to have him as her daddy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 Months Old

Baby girl where has the time gone. I can't believe you are 5 months old. I know I say that every month but the time is really flying by. I am doing my best to cherish this time we have while you are little. I do have mixed feelings...sometimes I can't wait for you to crawl or walk and other times I want you to stay little forever. The past month has been so fun. It seems like every week you are doing something new that Daddy and I love to see or hear. Ha! You still have that loud voice. While you are nursing you love to grab my nose, lips, or my neck. You think it is funny and smile at me. Daddy and I call the changing table the "happy pad" because no matter how fussy you are, you LOVE to get your diaper changed. You kick you legs like crazy and slam them on the changing pad. Sometimes you even get so worked up that you give yourself the hick-ups or spit up everywhere. Daddy and I think it is because you know you are about to eat when your diaper is changed. You also like to grab our left arm while we change you. It is really sweet that you like to be close to us. You have started to take a pacifier again but only before nap time. It does make nap time a little easier. You still spit up like crazy and give me lots of laundry to do! Oh, I almost forgot, you love Baby Einstein videos with animals. They make you squeal so loud! Here are some of your firsts for the month and things you love!

You cut your first tooth on Thursday, September 24 and your second on Sunday, September 27. I had no idea you were teething because you had NO symptoms at all. No drool, no fussiness, nothing! What a trooper! Can you see her two teeth?

You had your first cereal on Saturday, September 26. You didn't hate nor love it but got it everywhere!
Your favorite toy is Mr. Bee.

You love to squeal all the time!!

Happy 5th Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September Highlights

Brynlee is so happy these days. She smiles or laughs at just about any silly sound you make.

She enjoys tummy time with Daddy.

We had a fun playdate with Carrie and her precious daughter Josie.

Brynlee and I took a trip to OKC to see my family. We had a fun 3 days. Brynlee was great while we were there.

My Parents and Brynlee

I also got to see my 3 best friends while in OKC. Lisa and Larissa came over to my parents house on Friday afternoon. Courtney came over on Saturday while the rest of my family was either at the OU game or in Perry with my grandma. Here is Courtney holding Brynlee and her daughter Baylor. They are 3 days apart. I hope we can get together often enough so that they become good friends. Courtney and I have been best friends since we were kids. We have so many fun memories. I think about you girls often and miss you lots. Thanks for coming to see me!

Brynlee and Baylor

Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 Months Old

Ya Brynlee, you are 4 months old...and have been for a month now. Today is your 5th month birthday and I am just now posting about your 4 month birthday. I guess that means I am busy taking good care of you. :)
At 4 months old you have found your voice. Your favorite thing to do is squeal as loud as you can. It must entertain you because you do it over and over. Daddy and I never get tired of it and laugh when you squeal. You love to look at you hands and chew on your fingers. It seems like everything you get your hands on goes right to your mouth. Your favorite toys are plastic rings. They are perfect for your little hands. You love to lay on your back under your play gym and grab the toys above you. You sleep 10-11 hours at night and take 2-3 good naps during the day. Ya for sleeping through the night...every night!!! I couldn't ask for a more perfect baby. Yes, you have fussy moments but it is usually because you are sleepy. You enjoy your swing now thank goodness. That is usually where you are while Daddy and I eat dinner. Acid reflux continues to be a struggle most days. I am hoping you outgrow it soon. Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!!