Friday, October 29, 2010

September Part 1

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of September. I am leaving the second part for the vacation we took to Durango to visit Duane's sister.  I found it funny that she is wearing just a onesie in almost every picture from this month.  She does have nicer/cuter clothes I promise!  These were just lazy days at home so we dressed down when those days roll around.  I guess I need to start taking pictures before we leave the house when she is dressed up. 

Brynlee went through all the give aways Duane got from his conference in San Francisco.  She found a small LED flashlight and thought it was so funny to shine it at us. 

 Ready to shop
 Magna Doodle time with daddy



I hate that I am behind posting pictures and blogging but I am trying hard to get caught up. August now holds a different meaning for longer is it the most stressful month of my life. I only sit back and say how thankful that I am at home changing diapers and trying to get a picky 15 month old to eat! I did horrible taking pictures this month but here are a few.

She loves ketchup!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Think She Likes It



Brynlee was walking she would do a lot of this.  


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favorite July Pics

Still playing catch-up!  Here are my favorite pics from July. 

I didn't bat an eye that my she was playing with my tampons...kept her occupied for 10 minutes while I finished getting ready for the day. 
Going through my purse at Target

First hamburger
Making a mess in her room
She loves books
Playing in my jewelry

Quick pics after church
One of my all-time favorites!

Love that face!
Playing horsey with daddy

Eating your first PB&J at Zio's
Post nap crazy hair
Eating ice-cream and doing some free U-Verse advertising!

Mary, Blake, and Bradon came to visit
Can you tell she loved them?  Mary and I laughed the whole time because it wasn't always clear who was entertaining who.  :) 
July was a fun month.  You learned to throw a ball and get off the couch by yourself.  You enjoy playing in your room...well I wouldn't call it playing, just making a mess.  You go in there and pull all the diapers out of your dresser and all the books off the shelf.  You cut 4 teeth this month.  YUCK!!  You shake your head no and point to your nose, eye, ear, and tongue. 


Friday, October 8, 2010

First Bike Ride

Now that the weather is cooler, Duane has been wanting to take Brynlee on a bike ride.  He started looking around at bike seats and trailers.  He found this and though we should try it first.  We tried it out tonight for the first time.  Brynlee loved it!  I'm not sure what she liked better, the bike ride or waving at EVERY person and car that we passed.  I think out little girl is going to be social butterfly.  Surprised?  HA!