Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of these days...

she is going to bat these bad boys at her Daddy and she'll get whatever she wants! 


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oklahoma City Bombing

Today (well yesterday since I am finishing this post on Tuesday) is the 15th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  I was living in Moore at the time of this attach and remember it like it was yesterday.  It's funny how we forget people's names, teachers, place, or events but tragedy always remains fresh in our minds for years.  I was in Mr. Murphy's geography class when the bomb went off and I remember hearing it.  During 2nd hour in Mr. Thorton's biology class, we watched the news footage and couldn't believe that something this terrible happened in our city.  Most people have a story from that day about how they were effected or could have been effected.  My brother worked downtown during college and if the attach had happened on a Tuesday or Thursday, he would have been driving by the building around 9:00.  His parking garage was not far either.  I read a FB post today that a friend's Dad had a meeting in the Murray building the morning of the attach but it was canceled the night before.  Wow!  I don't really have a story but there was something that has ripped at my heart every time I see it.  It's this:

Bailee Almon.  This picture rocks me to my core.  I think it effected me even more today when I saw it.  Now that I have Brynlee, I found myself comparing her to Bailee.  They look to be the same size and age.  I can't even imagine loosing a child.  The blood and dirt on her little body is almost too much for me to look at.  She passed away shortly after this photo was taken.  I sometimes wonder why God has to take our sweet children from us?  Duane's grandfather gave me a good reason a few weeks ago when we went to visit him.  We were talking about someone he knew who lost a child.  He said, "I think God calls children home to heaven because think about it, what would heaven be like with out them."  How true is that?   

Sweet Bailee, may your day with Jesus today be extra special.  You are loved by so many people who never met you.  Including me! 

Update:   I was reading the Jenks Journal yesterday and found out that Bailee died 1 day before her first birthday.  I couldn't stop to tears...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 years is way to long!

On Monday I got the chance to see my childhood best friend for the first time in 5 years.  The last time I saw her was at her wedding.  Sara and I grew up together as neighbors, best friends, play mates, and church friends.  As we got older and moved to opposite sides of town, our friendship suffered and we grew apart.  We still talked and saw each other on occasion but we were never super close like we were when we were little.  I got married and moved to Tulsa.  She got married and moved to minnesota to get her PhD.  We went several years without even talking to each other.  Now, our children have brought us back together.  Sara was in Muskogee visiting her grandparents so my parents, Brynlee, and I headed there on Monday for a visit.  Here are some pictures of our trip.  We even stopped by honor heights park to take a few pictures. 

The nanny's! 

Brynlee and Sam

Sara and I

My parents and Brynlee

I love this little girl so much! 

I had so much fun seeing Sara and her sweet family.  I left there thinking how much I have missed having her in my life.  I wish I could go back to when we drifted apart and change it but I can't.  I can only look to the future and hope that through our children, we will rekindle a great friendship.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Signature take 2

I think I like this one better.  Would you like a signature for your blog?



Not a real post...just trying out my new signature.  :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I heart mommy's...


This is the face she makes when she wants something.  
Can you tell how proud she is of herself?  I could seriously just eat her up! 


Awile ago I was in Brynlee's room packing up some of her clothes.  Brynlee was in the room with me playing.  She eventually decided she was done and wanted to explore.  I think she looked so darn cute in her dress and diaper that I had to post these pictures. 

10 Months

Ok, I am WAY behind on this post. She turned 11 months on Tuesday.  March was a busy month. 

Brynlee here are some fun things you learned this month.  

You say dada all the time.
You have your own way of crawling.  I guess this is just a hint of things to like to do things your way and on your own time.

You pulled to a stand on your toy kitchen on Feb 22.

You like to play in your drawer in the kitchen or your bedrroom. 

You learned to patty cake back in January but now you have mastered it!

You learned to wave. When we go out to eat, you spend your time waving at everyone who walks by instead of eating.

You are very patient.

You pulled up in your crib for the first time on March 5.  This was what I saw that morning when I came to get you out of bed. It was the highlight of my day.
Here are a few more random pics from this past month...or two months ago.

Yummy Donuts!

You loved playing with this hanger. 

Here you are reading with daddy after your bath. 

I left the room for a few minutes to put up some laundry and when I came back I couldn't find you.  I could hear you but couldn't see you.  I laughed when I found you under your exersaucer.

You are such a happy baby!

Having a play date with your friend Josie. 

Happy 10 month Birthday love bug!