Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uncle Jay and Aunt Karen come for Thanksgiving!

Aunt Karen Uncle Jay

For Thanksgiving Duane's sister, brother-in-law, and their 4 kids came into town. The entire week was very busy but we had a blast. They hadn't seen Brynlee yet so we were really excited for them to visit. I took my older nieces shopping one day, we went to the aquarium, and played lots of wii fit and shawn white snowboarding. Thanksgiving night we brought all the kids back to our house for a sleepover. It was weird driving home in a suburban with 5 kids. We sang Christmas carols all the way home. I loved every minute of it. When we got to our house we all realized no one had eaten dinner. We were all so stuffed from our late thanksgiving lunch that we weren't hungry until 8:00. So we scrambled around finding everyone something to eat. My niece Bekah made nachos...well tried to anyway. She ended up dumping 1/2 of them into our hot over. LOVE YOU BEKAH!! :) The house got really smokey and I was fearfully praying that the smoke detectors wouldn't go off. (Brynlee was asleep) We stayed up until 1 playing the wii. Well, I think Duane went to bed at 12, I stayed up to get everyone to bed. After they went home Duane and I kept talking about how well behaved our nieces and nephew are. They are so polite. For example, my 7 year old niece Lilah asked me this at breakfast, "Aunt Kim, I am full, may I be excused?" Awesome huh? Those are questions you just don't hear anymore. We had a great week with them and wish we lived closer. Oh and Brynlee loved them being here too. She was well entertained, as they were with her. :)

Fun at the aquarium:

Thanks for visiting us for Thanksgiving. We had a blast! We hope to see you soon. Love and miss you guys!

7 Months

When I think about this past month, all I can think about is how much fun I am having. The more time I spend with you the more I love being your mom. I can honestly say that right now motherhood is pretty easy. I know there will come a day when I might not be able to say that so I am going to cherish these moments. Thank you baby girl for making us a family. Here is what you have been up to this month:

  • you wear size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothes, and weigh 15 lbs.
  • you kick your legs like crazy when you get excited
  • you LOVE your excersaucer

  • when we change your diaper you bang your feet on the changing pad and laugh
  • you are defiantly into textures, you love scratch everything: the plastic on your exercauser, daddy's jacket, your sheets, your bumper pads, your clothes, and the wall next to the changing table.
  • You started to cut your two top middle teeth on your 7 month birthday
  • You are into squealing again. Sometimes it sounds like we live with a bird. You also like to squeal in the store. I was at Target with you the other day and you squealed really loud the entire time we were there.
  • you got your first cold this month :( (now you are working on your 2nd)

Happy Birthday Precious Girl! Daddy and I love you bunches!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween was pretty uneventful. We went out to eat and shopping for a new TV stand for our new TV. Not much to tell but I took some cute pictures.

6 Months

6 months old...I can't believe it. Words can't describe how much I am loving being your mom. It seems like each month I am amazed by how fun you are, only to find out the next month it only gets better. You are learning to sit up now which is fun. We practice every day. You can hold your own for about 10 -20 seconds before you topple over. Of course I am there to catch you. I was even able to snap a few pictures the other day of you sitting up.

You love to stand too. When we say big girl stand, you smile and laugh. Raising you hand above you head always makes you laugh. You weigh about 14 lbs and are still small. I hope now that we have started baby food you will start gaining more. I am a little obsessed about not wanting you to be so small but I give you all the breast milk, formula, and baby food that you want so you must be getting exactly what you need. Here is the baby food you have had so far: carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, green beans, applesauce, pears, banana, and apple/blueberry. Oh, and oatmeal, you LOVE your oatmeal in the morning. So far your favorite veggie is carrots. You take one bite and your mouth is open ready for the next. You look like a little bird. You don't like green veggies that much but will eat them. At least you don't spit them out. I am also grateful to who ever invented the mesh feeder. You spent 30 minutes one day working on a banana while I ate lunch.

You take 2-2 hour naps every day and sleep 11 hours at night. You are definantly a kid who needs her sleep. If you take a short nap in the afternoon you will have a rough evening. You get so tired you don't know what to do with yourself. But, thankfully that doesn't happen very often. You are usually asleep by 8:30 and sleep until 7:30.

You are super curious about everything. It doesn't matter where you are, you constantly reach for anything and everything you can grab. My cell phone is a huge favorite. The blender also gets dirty every morning while I feed you oatmeal. You put you fingers in your mouth while I am feeding you and then grab the blender handle. I have tried to move it away but you just spend you time trying to grab it and grunting. So, I just gave up and let you get it dirty. One of you favorite things is to hear your daddy talk. If he is talking to me, you will stare at him the entire time...just like this.

Your acid reflux seems to be getting better. I am so thankful! Spitting up all over you and me was getting REALLY old. You can even whistle. Well, by accident but you can whistle!

Here are two sweet pictures of your face.

Happy 6 month (aka 1/2 birthday) my sweet girl.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Times!

Last weekend I went shopping for Brynlee some new clothes and had so much fun. I had to find her an outfit to wear for Fall pictures in a few weeks. I saw this hat at Baby Gap that I couldn't resist. Doesn't she look cute?

I almost didn't post this picture but I thought what the heck...naked babies taking a bath are cute right? This was her first bath in the bathtub. We had been giving her a bath in the kitchen but she now kicks her feet so much that water goes everywhere! She loves to watch all the toys move around. I can't express in words how helpful Duane is in the evenings. He always gives her a bath. We somehow settled into this routine and it works for us. Brynlee is so lucky to have him as her daddy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 Months Old

Baby girl where has the time gone. I can't believe you are 5 months old. I know I say that every month but the time is really flying by. I am doing my best to cherish this time we have while you are little. I do have mixed feelings...sometimes I can't wait for you to crawl or walk and other times I want you to stay little forever. The past month has been so fun. It seems like every week you are doing something new that Daddy and I love to see or hear. Ha! You still have that loud voice. While you are nursing you love to grab my nose, lips, or my neck. You think it is funny and smile at me. Daddy and I call the changing table the "happy pad" because no matter how fussy you are, you LOVE to get your diaper changed. You kick you legs like crazy and slam them on the changing pad. Sometimes you even get so worked up that you give yourself the hick-ups or spit up everywhere. Daddy and I think it is because you know you are about to eat when your diaper is changed. You also like to grab our left arm while we change you. It is really sweet that you like to be close to us. You have started to take a pacifier again but only before nap time. It does make nap time a little easier. You still spit up like crazy and give me lots of laundry to do! Oh, I almost forgot, you love Baby Einstein videos with animals. They make you squeal so loud! Here are some of your firsts for the month and things you love!

You cut your first tooth on Thursday, September 24 and your second on Sunday, September 27. I had no idea you were teething because you had NO symptoms at all. No drool, no fussiness, nothing! What a trooper! Can you see her two teeth?

You had your first cereal on Saturday, September 26. You didn't hate nor love it but got it everywhere!
Your favorite toy is Mr. Bee.

You love to squeal all the time!!

Happy 5th Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September Highlights

Brynlee is so happy these days. She smiles or laughs at just about any silly sound you make.

She enjoys tummy time with Daddy.

We had a fun playdate with Carrie and her precious daughter Josie.

Brynlee and I took a trip to OKC to see my family. We had a fun 3 days. Brynlee was great while we were there.

My Parents and Brynlee

I also got to see my 3 best friends while in OKC. Lisa and Larissa came over to my parents house on Friday afternoon. Courtney came over on Saturday while the rest of my family was either at the OU game or in Perry with my grandma. Here is Courtney holding Brynlee and her daughter Baylor. They are 3 days apart. I hope we can get together often enough so that they become good friends. Courtney and I have been best friends since we were kids. We have so many fun memories. I think about you girls often and miss you lots. Thanks for coming to see me!

Brynlee and Baylor

Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 Months Old

Ya Brynlee, you are 4 months old...and have been for a month now. Today is your 5th month birthday and I am just now posting about your 4 month birthday. I guess that means I am busy taking good care of you. :)
At 4 months old you have found your voice. Your favorite thing to do is squeal as loud as you can. It must entertain you because you do it over and over. Daddy and I never get tired of it and laugh when you squeal. You love to look at you hands and chew on your fingers. It seems like everything you get your hands on goes right to your mouth. Your favorite toys are plastic rings. They are perfect for your little hands. You love to lay on your back under your play gym and grab the toys above you. You sleep 10-11 hours at night and take 2-3 good naps during the day. Ya for sleeping through the night...every night!!! I couldn't ask for a more perfect baby. Yes, you have fussy moments but it is usually because you are sleepy. You enjoy your swing now thank goodness. That is usually where you are while Daddy and I eat dinner. Acid reflux continues to be a struggle most days. I am hoping you outgrow it soon. Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

What's all the fuss about???

I am usually not one to publicly give my opinion about something that is so personal and touchy with everyone but I am going to. Yes, it's about Obama's speech tomorrow. As a former educator, I am really irritated that so many people don't want their kids to watch his speech. What is wrong with our president encouraging our school children to do their best and stay in school? I say NOTHING! It is very understandable and normal that someone might not agree with the ideas and policies of a president but that isn't a reason to keep your child from watching his speech. I call it a teachable moment. Let you child watch the video, watch the video too or with them and then talk about it. Ask questions like: What did you agree with? What did you not agree with? What would you change? If you could tell Obama anything, what would you tell him? Did you enjoy his speech? Why? Why not? I think the discussion that comes after the speech is much more important than the actual speech. Your teaching your child to form an opinion.

I read on facebook or blogs this week that they weren't going to allow their kids to watch the speech because they don't agree with his policies and/or beliefs. You haven't even read the speech. You are making an uneducated decision. Read the speech first then make a decision on what you want for your kids. This entry is in no way to put down parents who choose not to allow their kids to watch the speech. That is your right and I respect that you stick up for what YOU think is right for your child. I just want everyone to take a step back and base your desicion on the speech and nothing else.

I have read his speech and I for the most part enjoyed what I read. I think his speech is very encouraging. What I enjoyed the most was this, "Your families, your teachers, and I are doing everything we can to make sure you have the education you need to answer these questions. I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms and get you the books, equipment and computers you need to learn. But you’ve got to do your part too." That is so true. For 6 years I poured my heart and soul into teaching children but those efforts don't show unless the kids do their part too. I have said the same thing to parents of kids not working to potential...they have to want good grades to get good grades. Teacher and parents can't do it all, the kids have to help too. I didn't like that he states that he is working hard to help schools. I would say, harder. More help needs to come from the federal, state, and local governments to help our schools.

I know there is a pressing question in the back of your she an Obama supporter. The answer is no, I am not an Obama supporter nor did I vote for him. But he is our president and I have to respect and pray for him daily that he will make good decisions for our country. You have to remember that being president isn't always about being a republican or democrat, being black or white, young or old, it's about being a leader and I think what he is saying to kids expresses that well. Leaders should lift up and encourage others and in THIS speech he does just that. He doesn't ALWAYS show these qualities but for this speech, at this time, to this audience, I have to say well done Obama. Oh my, I can't believe I just said that! HA!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Not much...

has been happening around here this week. Sunday my family came up to visit while Duane was at his college fantasy football draft. We had a good time. Brynlee's great grandma brought her a quilt. Thanks grandma, it is really pretty. I don't have any pictures of the quilt but I will take one and post it later. I did get a picture of Brynlee with Poppa and Nanny.
Duane has been on vacation from his regular job but has been working all week doing contract work. I am so glad he continues to make sacrifices to provide for us. We would LOVE to be in Colorado this week visiting Karen and Jay but Duane couldn't pass up this job. Thanks Karen and Jay for being understanding. We love you guys and can't wait to see you Thanksgiving.
Here are a few pictures that I took this week. She will be 4 months old on Sunday. I am so scared that I am going to blink and she will be turning 1. I packed up all her premie and most of her newborn clothes last night. I shed a few tears looking at the tiny clothes she used to wear. She is a few ounces shy of 12 pounds and brings so much joy to our home. The love I have for her is like no other. I love this little girl!!!

Tummy time with Daddy!

Sorry these pictures look the same. They are both so cute that I couldn't decide which one to use.

Big smile!!

Oh, I almost forgot to post a video. Here is Brynlee talking to her daddy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Tummy Time for Me!

We have been trying to have tummy time each day. She always fusses and it didn't take her long to figure out how to get out of it...rolling over! She is so quick now I barely have time to catch it on video.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visiting Daddy

2 weeks ago I took Brynlee to visit Duane at work. It was fun to see him carry her around to show everyone how much she had grown. Here are a few pictures of our visit.
On our way to see daddy
Brynlee and Daddy
Bynlee with the lake crew...she will be joining them next summer.

Since all my friends went back to school that week I thought a lot about how thankful I am. I can't imagine relying on someone else to take care of Brynlee everyday. I love every minute of it...the easy days and the tough days. Many people have asked me if I miss work. I don't miss it but I do miss my friends. I am so lucky to have a husband who works hard to provide for us so I can have the most important job in the world...being a full time mommy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 Months Old

Baby girl I can't believe you are 3 months old already. It seems like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital. I love everything about you and thank God for you everyday. When I weighed you this morning you were 10 1/2 lbs...yeah for double digits!!! You are growing like a weed, 2 1/2 pounds in a month. I promise I am not feeding you butter and cheesecake. You are holding your head up pretty well but sometimes you look like a bobble head. You still love to play with your tongue. Tummy time is hard because of your acid reflux but we try everyday. You smile when we change your diaper and talk to us with your coo's. It's funny how daddy and I do different things to make you smile. Daddy calls you sugar booger and I call you punkin' pie. (you know I am from the south) You love your bath and you stare at daddy the whole time. He baths you while I get everything together for bed. Around 8:00 you get really sleepy and take a cat nap with daddy...I love looking over to see you laying on daddy's chest fast asleep. He loves you so much and so do I. Happy 3 month birthday baby girl!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Special Visitors

Last Friday was my mom's birthday. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to see Brynlee for her birthday so they came to Tulsa to visit. We went to Los Cabos for lunch and had a wonderful time. Thanks Mom and Dad for visiting.
Nanny and Poppa

Sarah and Brynlee

Los Cabos was super loud...I was shocked that she slept the whole time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

She looks like her Daddy!!!

Many of you have told me how much you think Brynlee looks like me. Thank you so much for those sweet comments. At times I do see myself in her but most of the time I just see Duane. Here she looks just like her Daddy and I couldn't be happier. :)

Almost done

Back in February Duane decided to replace the carpet in the main areas of our house with laminate wood look flooring. After taking up the carpet we discovered that we had high and low spots everywhere in our slab. So we spent about 4 weeks walking around on concrete while Duane grinded some of the high areas and filled in the low. I had to leave the house while he worked because I was pregnant and couldn't breath the dust. Oh, and he also busted up the tile in the dining room, back door area, and front entry. I remember it took me 3 hours to clean the kitchen after he was done. The dust was insane. Well, after he got the floor done, he decided to wait a few weeks to put the baseboards back on to see how the floor shifted. (It is a floating floor) Well, now it's March and baby is SCHEDULED to be born in 21/2 months so he put off the baseboard to help get Brynlee's room ready. Then April came along and we had several baby showers. We spent a lot of time organizing and trying to prepare for Brynlee. At the end of April I was put on moderate bed rest due to high blood pressure so he was helping me more with daily things around the house. Then, here is was May, the baseboard still weren't done and SURPRISE...Brynlee decided to make an early arrival. If you have had a baby you know how the month of May went for us...baseboards???what are those??? June comes and goes with no work on the baseboards. We talked about it A LOT but were never motivated. I think we were just recovering from the all the stress and adjusting to parenthood. We got motivated in July and started working. After many paint samples we finally got the right color of white paint. (who knew there could be so many different shades of white) Duane realized that the old baseboards where damaged beyond repair to put back up, some of them split when he took them off. Now we had to go to Lowe's to buy new baseboards along with a miter saw to cut them. I think Duane was into this project now because he got a new power tool. Some men like husband LOVES power tools. They look really pretty sitting around in the garage...whatever!!! The last 2 weeks Duane has been cutting new boards and I have been painting during nap time. Here is a picture how I spent a few of my mornings/afternoons this week.

And here is a before and after shot.

Things are looking better around here now huh. So glad this project is finally getting finished. Duane has 6 more boards to cut so we hope to be done with this 6 month project by the end of the week. I will post an update when we finally get it completely done.