Monday, September 20, 2010

Match Maker Update!

A few months ago I participated in Kelly's Korner show us your single boys and wrote about my brother.  I got 22 comments on my blog from single girls and friends of single girls.  One night, I spent a few hours e-mailing some of the girls asking for more information about them.  I received an e-mail back from Kati and I liked her immediatly.  I feel bad that I didn't get around to e-mailing everyone.  I just didn't have enough time.  Kevin was interested in Kati and wanted to get to know just her.  If you never heard from me, I am sorry. 

Anyway, back to the update on Kevin.  He and Kati and now DATING and I couldn't be more excited.  They have met up a few times over the past 2 months and I am sure have talked endless hours on the phone.  She lives in the Dallas area and he is in OKC. 

My family and I finally got to meet her this past weekend to celebrate Kevin's 35th birthday.   I had a wonderful time getting to know her.  She is very sweet.  I could tell my brother enjoyed having her there.  Here is the cute couple!

The cute couple

My family

The birthday boy!  We went to Ted's.  Can you tell?  Brynlee didn't like everyone singing to her Uncle Kevin.  She cried.  :( 

Sarah wanted to hold Brynlee. 

A big thanks to Kelly for her 'Show Us Your Life" series.  I'll keep everyone updated!  


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets...

we're on our way.  Brynlee loves Wonder Pets. When she hears the theme song come on she does this.  Enjoy! 


Fourth of July

Going back...way back.  I have been terrible at updating my blog lately.  Between my That Cute Design blog , That Cute Design facebook page, creating new designs, and filling time for this blog is really limited.  I am really working on my time management.  I am hoping that I can get caught up while I am on vacation.  Yes, I said that about going to San Francisco but there were way to many shops around to sit in the hotel all day and blog. 

Who cares if this post is 2 1/2 months late.  Right?  We had a wonderful 4th of July.  On Saturday we went to OKC to see my family.  We spent the day by the pool.  It was a cool/breezy day but very enjoyable.  I will take overcast and breezy over sunny and HOT any day.  Well, maybe just on the 4th.  It felt great to be outside and not sweat buckets.   Plus not having to put sunscreen on the kids was nice.  Brynlee didn't get to swim because it was too chilly.  We enjoyed seeing my family. 

My mom and Brynlee
Jennifer and Brynlee
I think someone liked her fudge pop!
wagon rides with cousins
more wagon fun
Brynlee loves my mom!
Nanny and Poppa
On Sunday (the 4th) we went to Owasso to see Duane's family.  We went and bought fire works and had a blast. All the kids loved the fireworks, even Brynlee.  I was shocked she wasn't scared.  She is pretty timid about loud noises. 

Brynlee and Grammy
The loot
Smoke bombs
Aunt Ci-Ci and Mikiah. 
Uncle Robert and Makenzie...I think she likes the 4th of July  
Kaleb...he looks excited and a little scared. 

It was great to see family on Saturday and Sunday and then spend Monday just the 3 of us.