Saturday, October 22, 2011

June 2011

June was full of playdates...
 Playing in the water with James.  She LOVES to play in the water. 
 My sweet friend Erin and Oliver. 
 Brynlee at her friend Bronson's birthday party.  I have no clue who this little girl is.  She had the bucket on her head (with her face showing) and right when I snapped the picture, it fell.  Her mom and I laughed so hard. 
  Brynlee and Avery...somehow I missed getting a picture of Josie this day. 

growing up so fast...
 first time to eat ice cream in the car
 strawberries and cream from Starbucks = a happy shopping trip for momma
Bye bye highchair!  Hello booster seat!

Father's Day

first shiner...
I feel terrible that I can't remember how this happened.  Hopefully it will come to me.  Mom do you remember?

Right now it's just dee, dee, dee but she'll get there. 

and blowing bubbles.

2 year olds are so much fun. 


Friday, October 21, 2011

San Antonio Part 2

Out second day in San Antonio we spend downtown.  Did I mention it was HOT at Sea World?  Well, it was even hotter downtown.  It was 108 plus the humidity.  Yuck!  We met my family for lunch then did the traditional boat ride. 
Our boat guide.  He really enjoyed his job and it showed.  Very enjoyable. 
 waiting for the boat
 Luckily because of the heat, they weren't packing the boats full.  The seats were super hot.   

After the boat, Brynlee was done with being in her stroller, being told to sit down, or no you can't get down.  We walked a few blocks to a children's museum.  It wasn't great but she got to run around and play for a bit.  We were all thankful for a place to cool off. 

 very cool peg board

What would a trip to San Antonio be without a look at the Alamo?

 Sarah reading to Brynlee at dinner.  She is so good to her. 
 first shower, hotel bathtubs gross me out
late night snack...Krispy Kreme

We headed home Sunday and stopped by the crazy busy outlet mall north of San Antonio.  Brynlee was really cranky so we left.  We realized a short time later that she had a fever.  We stopped in Mckenney to visit a friend (miss you Mary) and stay the night.  Her fever got really high during the night.  It was the worst fever she had ever had.  Listening to her moan off and on all night was aweful!  Very thankful I remembered the Motrin. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to San Antonio.  Where are we going next year? 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Antonio

On Memorial Day we went to San Antonio with my family.  It was great to spend time with them since we don't see them very often and we had a blast.  Brynlee LOVED spending time with her grandparents...that is a given.  On the way there we stopped in Austin to eat at Salt Lick yummy!  They had a great space outside that the kids ran around at after lunch.  Perfect for the little ones to run off some energy.  Then we stopped at a children's museum in New Braunfels.  Brynlee was RUNNING everywhere so I only got a few pictures.  She is at the age where she doesn't stay with something very long. 
This was to resemble an excavation.  Things were buried in all these rubber chips.  The kids enjoyed the digging and no one got dirty!   They also had a water play area but they were working on it while we where there and some things weren't broken.  That part was a little disappointing but at least they were trying to fix it.   

The next day was Sea World.  So much fun!  In fact, I wish we could have spent 2 days.  We didn't even make it over to the other side of the park.  Seeing all the animals and shows was fun but the best thing (in my opinion) was the huge new splash pad that is themed Seseme Street.  There was an area for big kids and an area for toddlers.  So smart!  One thing I didn't like was it was REALLY hot and REALLY humid.  You will probably notice in many pictures, Brynlee's hair is wet.  That is from sweat.  Needless to day, she learned how to drink out of a water bottle that day. 

not sure about these two
this is as close to a hug as we could get
climbing...LONG way up
they flew off the end of the slide
Not sure about Zoe and Cookie Monster either...bummer!  I thought she would love them.  At least she didn't totally freak out. 

fun with Daddy
Kevin and Sarah
You wouldn't know it by looking at her face but she WAS excited to ride this. 
That quickly changed...she was terrified and refused to ride anything else the rest of the day.  She's gotta get over this because Mommy and Daddy love rides!
 wee time
she loves to play in the mulch at playgrounds
dolphin show
pointing to the birds
I love her lips here.  Anytime something cool would happen she would say ohhhhh. 

hi Momma

she loved the killer whale show
This is a picture of my cousins on the other side of the pool.  Their older daughter got stung by a bee (here they are with the park first aid people).  Shortly after, their youngest started throwing up.  Time to go! 
Telling Shamu to splash the people down front.  She thought she was really doing it.