Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had our traditional gingerbread man for breakfast and just hung around the house.  It was so fun to spend the day at home playing with Brynlee.  We started a tradition of letting Brynlee open 2 gifts.  One will always be pajamas and something else that we choose.  This year it was an Elmo video called Christmas Countdown.  It was a perfect Christmas Eve video.  Elmo and Abby save Christmas on Christmas Eve by finding all the pieces to the Christmas counter downer.  (yes, that is what it's called)  She LOVED the movie and watched it pretty well.  She loves Elmo so that is to be expected. 

 Santa asked Duane to put together Brynlee's play hut.  He was in quite a hurry...can't imagine why. 


Picture Post

Wearing her great grandma's beads.  I sure do miss her! 



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Brynlee does nothing these days but move, move, move.  Getting her to sit or stand still to take a picture is VERY difficult.  Here is our attempt of taking pictures by the Christmas tree before church.  At least she looks super cute! 


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner and Bass Pro

One evening we went to Charleston's to eat and then to Bass Pro to see Santa.  It is funny that we have developed a little routine (not on purpose, it just kinda happened) when we eat out.  Brynlee always sits with Duane until our food comes.  This works out great because she gets some Daddy time.  She loves to color but we have to limit that activity because we still have a problem with eating crayons.  I get tired of having to watch her like a hawk and the night usually ends with blue, red, yellow, or green teeth.  I am sooo ready for that to be over with!  Anyway, there was a long wait to see Santa that night so we just let Brynlee run around the store.  She was running everywhere like a crazy child but it was so worth it.  I love seeing her happy and just lovin' life. 

Watching the fish.

PaPa and Grammy, these are for you.  Don't worry, I already told her you will buy her one someday!  Maybe they will come in pink by then.  Ha!


Random Videos

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned that Brynlee holds open her mouth when she is concentrating on something? Well, here is the video I promised. It is a sure bet to catch her when she is drawing with a pen. We think it cute and part of her fun personality.

Brynlee's first animal sound was a cow. Here she is showing off. Enjoy!



My grandma passed away this past summer.  When we went through her stuff I brought home some of her beads for Brynlee to play with.  She loves them.  I have had them out for about a month and she still plays with this daily. 

 I think she looks sooo much like Duane in the picture below.  As she is getting older I think she is favoring Duane more.  


Headed to MOPS!

I recently started going to MOPS at my church.   I took these pics one morning before we left.  She was in a super silly mood.  I asked her to sit in ther chair and this is what I got. 


Buster Puppy

Meet Buster Puppy.  Byrnlee loves this dog.  She has figured out how to walk while holding the string.  She gets so excited that he is following her.  I'm still not sure if she knows the string has something to do with it.  Sometimes he gets carried around by his tail, dragged on his side, or even goes for a good swing.  In case you didn't notice, we were putting up our Christmas tree. 



Pig Tails and Books

I'm not sure which is cuter, the pig tails or the fact my baby loves books.  She brings me books all day long.  Most of the time I stop whatever I am doing and read to her.  Well, I wouldn't exactly call it reading.  She mostly points to things on the page for me tell her what it is.