Friday, August 13, 2010

Joining and a Drama Filled Photoshoot

We joined the First Baptist Church in Jenks on Sunday, July 4th.  We started going there in April and knew right away that we were home.  Everyone was so kind and made us feel welcome.  We are having our first service in our new building this Sunday.  It is very exciting.  Brynlee goes to the nursery with ease which makes my heart smile!  Everyone says the separation anxiety is coming and I am ready when it does. 

I took a few picture of Brynlee after we got home from church.  She looked so cute in her patriotic dress.  The photo shoot didn't start very well because I had a very tired girl but it ended great!  Up to that day, I had never seen her go from crying that hard and loud to smiling and happy within a matter of a minute and I haven't seen it since.  Drama!


I'm a Big Girl Now

No, she isn't potty trained.  We had to finally lower her crib two nights ago.  Before you gasp and call me a bad parent...we have a VERY deep crib...the deepest on the market as a matter of fact.  Ours has a gate that folds up to make it deeper so you can leave the mattress on the higher level longer.  This week she started putting one foot up on the bumper so it was time.  I love love love the crib and I am so thankful and appreciative to my brother for letting us borrow it.  Here are a few pics I took of Brynlee the night we lowered it.

Yeah, I can still touch my fish
I told her to lay down.  I think she is trained well.  Ha! 

I love this girl! 



I was looking through pictures on my hard drive tonight and ended up looking at Brynlee's birthday pictures.  It is sooo hard to believe that she was this small.  Tiny and delicate. 

That day and the 2 weeks that followed were the hardest but the most joyous days of my life.  I was recovering from a very difficult and scary delivery.  Without modern medicine and technology, we both would have been a statistic.  I love being a mom more than I ever though I would.  She is the reason I breath.  Not a single day goes by that I don't hug, kiss, and smell her.  Yes, I love the way she smells.  I love her for the two times a day when I get to rock her for a few minutes before she goes to sleep.  When she puts both of her hands on the side of my face and kisses me!  Even when I say "momma" and she replies " Dada (which she does every time), it doesn't bother me.  The fact that she loves her dada makes me love her more.  Some days I have to say out loud, "they are only little once, cherish the time you have."  I wish she could stay little forever.  Geez, am I the only one who thinks about this stuff? 


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Super Busy!

I am soo behind on Brynlee's blog posts but I will get caught up soon.  I have been really busy with my new business.  Thank goodness I am a night owl.  I don't think I have been to bed earlier than 12:00 for the past 3 weeks.  I have even pulled a few 2 am bedtimes.  It is starting to catch up with me though.  I am super tired today.  Oh, I finally figured out a name...That Cute Design.  My husband though of it.  I think it is perfect.  I hope you check it out.